No Soup For You!


sou naziI have been wanting to experiment with some new recipes. I decided to try to make mulligatawny soup.

Of course, that made me think of the Seinfeld  episode with the Soup Nazi, who made mulligatawny soup.

Well, my kids weren’t as enthused with my new recipe. Let me see if I can recall some of the endearing comments they made:

If I never have this soup again, it will be too soon.

I don’t like it but I don’t really dislike it. I’ll eat it if you want me to. (from my people-pleasing child)


Those are the two comments I remember. I think one child made gagging noises, but I’m not sure. I would have punished the children, like the Soup Nazi, and screamed, “No soup for you!”, but they would have just shouted for joy.

Thankfully, Hubby and I loved the recipe!


Real Life Example of Irony


smoking-tour-de-france-cyclists-bikersI love using real life examples when teaching. I wish my camera had been on the ready today as Hubby and I were driving to his doctor appointment. A great real life example of irony presented itself.

Using a photograph or some type of image is great when working with students. I use them for writing prompts or simply to get the student engaged in a conversation.

But back to the missed photo opportunity.

A man was suited up and riding a bicycle. Not anything unusual as Utah is quite a biker’s state. However, I laughed as we drove past him. Here he was, using his bicycle which helps with two things: increasing lung capacity and reducing pollution. But this guy was smoking a cigarette as he was cycling away! To me that is a great example of irony. He was decreasing his lung capacity and increasing pollution.



Spring is actually approaching! 

We have had some pretty weather, and by pretty, I mean we have been able to go outside without needing to be swathed in snow gear. 

As the snow melts, we realize we made it through the winter, even though it was a tough one. 

As the snow melts, we realize the renewal brought with spring is on its way.

As the snow melts, I realize my children left far too many items out in the yard before the snows came.

Apparently, a couple of Youngest Son’s little plastic soldiers took upon themselves to reenact Valley Forge. They did not make it to see the spring coming, however. Poor little plastic guys. 

Apparently, one of my children deemed it necessary to leave a plastic hangar in the yard. When I saw that, two questions ran through my mind:

1. Why was he using a hangar in the yard???

2. Why didn’t I see that before the snows came???

Melting snow. It can symbolize many things. However, this idea has been impressed upon me. When the snow melts and reveals things underneath (plastic hangars), it reminds me of when God removes blinders from my eyes and reveals things underneath in me.  Although seeing the “plastic hangars” in my spiritual life is not always fun, with it comes the knowledge spring is on its way. Renewal. What a wonderful gift.





Leaving the Amish way…


At the beginning of this month, we did something I said we would probably never do:

We got cable.

Personally, I am usually too cheap to pay for cable and with the stuff my kids continue to do, I do not lack for entertainment.

However, we were forced to switch internet providers. The company we were with is a great company but we just could not consistently hit their towers. Hubby has always said we are in the blackhole of internet service. With my online tutoring, the demand on our internet is pretty great, so with  a big sigh and gritted teeth, we signed up with a cable company. We figured if we were going to spend money, might as well get some channels too.

The day the cable guy came to install was a miraculous day for my children. I think the technician was a little surprised that children of their generation would be awed by cable television. Third Son practically stalked the poor guy as he was doing the installation. (Third Son would live all day in front of a computer or tv, if you let him.)

Now, the children are enjoying the channels they have always loved…at other people’s houses. One show in particular is MythBusters. The language is sometimes not the best. The kids love the experiments, though.

Today, Third Son had an epiphany of an idea he wanted to submit to the show. He even mentioned he thought he should send them a letter.

He wanted to bust the myth that cats have nine lives.

That will be a pretty short episode.

Update on my Venus Fly Trap plants


Remember how I felt I was being plagued by flies? We truly did have an excessive amount this year. I posted earlier that we ordered and had two Venus Flytrap plants sent to us.
They came and we were so excited! What a thrilling educational opportunity for our dear, sweet children! What a wonderful lesson in botany!

Now that time has passed I have come to a conclusion:

My Venus Flytraps are vegans.

Before the really cold weather hit, we were still being plagued with flies. I think the flies purposely landed near the plants to mock me. I did not see one fly go into the jaws of death by my little plants.

We’ll try again next summer.

My Daughter’s “Handy” Tip for School


This really touched my heart when I saw this. Only Daughter loves to write notes to people and encourage them. I tell her that is definitely a ministry! I discovered one day she had written herself a note to help her with school. She is a really strong reader, but there is a lot to school that can easily frustrate her. I think she wrote this “handy” note to remind her she can do it.